Property Management Story: The Belligerent Owner

The hardest management task ever, was when a belligerent older man intimidated and bullied the other owners into doing everything he wanted in the HOA – despite violating the David Stirling Act at multiple levels. It took years and a court case to get control out of the hands of the other owner, reinstate the HOA to good standing with the secretary of state and with the Franchise Tax Board and the IRS, settle back taxes, record liens against non-paying members of the HOA and get everyone else paying as agreed. After several years, despite the refusal of the bully to hand over HOA records, the HOA is operating smoothly with all but the one owner. The funny thing is that all of his unpaid HOA dues are accruing penalties and interest at 12% which is a far better return than anything the HOA can invest in. yet another creative solution that enables the owners and HOA to solve the problems in ways that are even better than they anticipated could happen.