Buy Property

Everybody knows that you make your money on the purchase of a property, not on the sale. So you need to make sure you know what you are getting to know it is a good and fair price.

Take a look at our seller’s page and you will quickly see that few agents even come close to making the buying process easy. Since we know how to make the process easy and painless for you on the sale, we know exactly what to do on the buy side to find the problems to negotiate a discount and line everything up to make the paperwork as painless as possible.

Our value charting process is used again on the buy side to help determine what the fair market price is and which comps you should review to pay a fair price or try and get a steal.

OC and Southern California in general, despite small shifts in population and consolidation of households in the good and bad times, this is still one of the best places to live in the world. Net migration into California is strongly positive over the years which means demand drives up rent and value of your property.

We run our same market analysis for our buyers as we do for our sellers and this is for each area they want to buy in. The chart clearly shows the best value-priced properties on the market and our standard due diligence will help you determine if the property is worth buying.

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