Property Management

Greg works with Treewater Property Management to provide property management services to his clients. TreeWater is built of a group of experienced real estate professions who have managed their own properties as well as their clients’ properties in multiple states.

Greg and TreeWater have experience in a laundry list of tasks and specialties in property management:

✓ Establishing HOAs
✓ Managing SFRs & 2-4 unit properties
✓ Working with & managing contractors
✓ Managing renovation projects
✓ Setting up electronic banking systems
✓ Managing lease-ups & evictions
✓ Managing construction loans
✓ Managing private loans
✓ HUD/FHA certified 203K construction consultant for 1-4 unit properties

✓ HOA management
✓ Managing multi-unit buildings
✓ Holding General B Contractor licenses
✓ Holding mold inspector certifications
✓ Managing collections & payments
✓ Managing hard money loans
✓ Brokering hard money & private loans
✓ Managing commercial loans
✓ Managing 203K loans
✓ Creative financing consulting

Stories about Greg’s work in property management: