Sell Property

What Affects Sale Prices

Selling your investment property is all based on what the market it doing at that time and you need to rely on a highly analytical person who watches the market to identify how to best position your property taking into account key parameters:
1. Building and Lot Size
2. Condition
3. Rents
4. Location
5. Available buyers

Why Sell with Us

The standout qualitative difference between our company and an area-bound local agent’s is that we are a non-local, unbounded, professional marketing company, more like an advertising agency than a real estate company, and like an advertising agency with branches the world over that brands and represents products to buyers the world over, we also brand our clients’ properties for success in the International market.

What is Proper Positioning?

Every agent will tell you the universe revolves around you and your property. If they do, RUN AWAY! The reality is that the universe revolves around YOUR BUYER! Make it easy for them to see your property, analyze it and understand what it takes to buy it and then you have the entire escrow process set up to run smoothly, what buyer wouldn’t engage quickly to make the purchase?
In OC, 2-4 unit properties require a lot more money to purchase than many areas in the country and the buyers here are at least a notch more experienced and/or sophisticated than elsewhere in the country. That is why you need someone who understands our unique market here in the OC. You can’t talk a buyer into buyer your property – they have to sell themselves!
And our proprietary positioning program gives you the marketing edge to prepare, price and position your property for top dollar. If you just want a fast sale, we use the same methods for determining a fast sale price without giving up too much on the price. If you want a guaranteed sale, I will make an offer to buy your property if it doesn’t sell in 90-150 days.

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