Sell Property

Why Sell With Us

Selling with Greg gives you several unique benefits. He puts in the work so you and your buyer don’t have to, providing quality service, including:

  • Easy access to pictures and data
  • Virtual tour
  • Home inspection already completed
  • Aerial photos
  • Market analysis already complete with supporting value data (GRM & Cap Rate), rents, clear title, etc.

Making your property easy to buy means more competition, which means top dollar for the market!

Proper Positioning Is Key

Every agent will tell you the universe revolves around you and your property. If they do, RUN AWAY! The reality is that the universe revolves around YOUR BUYER! It is vital that you make it easy for them to see your property, analyze it and understand what it takes to buy. When you work with Greg, you get the decades and millions in experience knowing how to properly position a property to have an edge on the market and get top dollar.

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