Qualifying for a Commercial Loan

Commercial loans require good credit with the person or entity who has the net worth to qualify for the loan. The project also needs liquidity and the team needs the experience. Also, the best bank loans require 20% – 35% equity so they are 65% – 80% LTV depending on the project and sponsors. This is where you need to have a great team working together to make things happen. If you have the credit, Net Worth, Liquidity, Experience and Time/Staff – you don’t need anyone else and you can run your own real estate company.

However, there are many professionals out there with great financial strength but no experience and no time. They need to partner with people who have the time and the experience. This is where great partnerships are forged and that is what we aim to do.

Here’s a great video I would recommend about qualifying for a commercial loan. If you want more information or need help with qualification, call me and let’s discuss.



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