Property Management and HOA Management

When you have properties ready for occupancy, the only thing you’re missing (besides tenants) is a property manager.

Treewater Management manages properties whether they are single homes, condos or apartments. We also manage HOAs (see my blog post on Property Management and HOA Management).

At the most basic level, you pay us to be hassle free. We can get the tenants in and out, maintain the property and provide you with year end accounting for taxes. Naturally, there is a lot more than that and we have the experience to manage the many problems that can arise. However, we work hard at preventing problems and I perform an annual review of each property I manage to ensure we are all on the same page.

A feature unique to Treewater Management: We not only manage individual homes, but we also manage HOAs. And believe me, they are very different levels of experience required to do this, but they also complement each other to maintain perspective on what is really important to all sides.

First, we strongly urge your board to subscribe to the following newsletters so the board is continually expanding their awareness of what can and can’t be done in operating an HOA:

  1. Davis Stirling (California only)
  2. HOA Leader (not limited to California)

The HOA management is rooted in our work in condo conversions in the early 2000’s. We converted hundreds of apartments to condos comprising about a dozen properties – each one with its own custom HOA we managed, turned over to the owners and advised as necessary. Few HOA managers have that detailed experience with the construction experience to know what to look for and prepare for. Also, the laws are very particular and we stay on top of the laws with you to help you do the right things in alignment with your goals as an HOA board.

Unfortunately, most of managing an HOA is managing people, expectations and emotions. That is where we come in as a neutral third party to help keep you on track. We also try to keep the emotions out of decisions by reducing everything to time and money (see my blog post on What drives value of your apartments and 2-4 unit properties (Part II)).  However, because not everyone is focused on time and money but personal preferences, HOA management can get kinds of hairy.

At Treewater Management, we have an easy electronic pay and documentation system for monthly dues and an automated system for handling repair requests to ensure timely correction and follow up. Those core items, if managed well, provide a sound footing for happy owners and fewer problems.

For the board of directors we assist with meetings and annual requirements, walkthroughs and are a sounding board for making decisions for the good of the entire community. 

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