How Do You Get Multiple Offers at Market Price?

Make it easy for your CUSTOMER to buy!

Have you ever noticed that agents trying to list your property make you the center of the universe? That is because when they are trying to win your business, YOU are the customer and you should be the center of the universe. However, the pure salesperson gets the listing, throws it on the MLS and waits. Don’t get fooled into thinking this is the right way to do things. It works, but is it going to get you top dollar the fastest? Maybe not. While the listing agent should still put you at the center of the universe, you are now part of a binary star system with TWO customers. You and the listing agent are now trying to woo your buyer and they are actually the real customer.

Imagine you want to purchase one of two seemingly equal properties, but one provides great pictures, descriptions, has an inspection for the condition and repairs by a third party (including roof, termite, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, etc. – all the major systems that cost a lot of money if something goes wrong), had the prelim title available, describes the area and provides a rent report – and the other has some nice exterior pictures and asks you to make an offer subject to inspection (just like you) – which one will get the offer? The one with all of the details provided up front. The buyer has to trust the information from the seller and needs to verify everything, but that is easy to do and they really have all the information they need to make a buying decision. The other one, requires time, money for the inspections and you may not buy it if you discover something is wrong and discount the purchase. If it is easy to understand what you are buying, you are less prone to discount it and it is easy to make the offer.

Now, as the seller, you have multiple offers and you can counter them to find the buyer willing to purchase the property at the highest price. If your property is in known condition, the buyer knows exactly what they are getting and you can have an easy, quick sale with less hassle.

Now comes the introduction of the Third customer – the Tenant! Most listings say “Drive By Only!” or “Do Not Disturb Tenant!”. There are ways to work with your tenants, give them respect and allow them to work with you so the sale is easy to transact for them as well. So now, we have a Trinary star system with THREE customers.  When agents are pursuing you for the listing, they frequently forget or assume  it is obvious that they have to deal with others. But don’t let them convince you they will take care of everyone in the transaction when they don’t have a plan to make that happen. Remember, when you are the only one in the fancy room with a big chandelier when big promises are being made – hold on to your wallet!

To get top dollar the fastest does cost money and sellers generally don’t like to front that cost because it can be a few thousand dollars. That is completely understandable and I can front that cost for you. I will even buy you a coffee for the privilege of letting you know my strategies to make it all happen.

With multiple customers, a single agent really has a hard time serving everyone alone. Make sure your agent has a team to rely on to ensure you are taken care of, because, in the end, you are the one who controls the transaction and it all starts with you and ends with you getting the check.

Doing your prep work up front makes it easy for you, easy for the buyer and gets you the top dollar for the current market with relative ease!

Who wants that? Call me, let’s get together and talk about what it takes to quickly get top dollar with ease.

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